Pendalouan Day



 Pendalouan Day 2017

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Alumni & Friends will gather together to take tours, shoot bow and arrows, paddle on the lake, climb the wall, sing camp songs and share memories and stories of their time here at Pendy. A complimentary lunch and updates from Executive Director, Bruce Spoelman, on Pendalouan's developments and news will follow!

Please RSVP below so we can be sure to prepare enough food!


See you then, Hail Pendalouan!






Pendalouan Day 2015 Recap:



Pendalouan Day 2015 group photo 



Pendalouan Day was held on Saturday, October 10, 2015. Over 100 alumni and friends of YMCA Camp Pendalouan returned to the shores of Big Blue Lake to gather together and share memories, songs, and laughs while showing their families what camp here at Pendalouan is all about. 


Activities Included:


  • Complimentary Lunch
  • Hikes to Sleepy Hollow
  • Boating, Target Sports, Climbing Wall and much more!
  • Guided Camp Tours highlighting Recent Improvements
  • Dedication of the new Eddie Boersema Education and Activity Center
  • An update of exciting Camp developments by CEO and Executive Director, Bruce Spoelman


 2015 Pendalouan Day Attendees:


Ann Wildfong and Family Current Camper Family
Jill Guenthardt and Family Camper Alum
Leah Vosburg Camper Alum
Raymond Olson 1950s Staff Alum
Kelly Umstead and Family 1990s Camper Alum
Andrea Walter and Family Camper Alum, Current Camper Family
Arika Harkema and Family 2000s Staff Alum
Benjamin Taylor Camper Alum
Elizabeth "Betty" (Paulson) Johnson 1960s & 1970s Camper and Staff Alum
Bruce & Margaret Spoelman Camper and Staff Alum, Executive Director
Cortney Rutkauskas and Family Camper Alum, Current Camper Family
Dale & Sue Ertzinger Friend/Supporter of Pendalouan
Lori & Dan Willson Associate Executive Director; Kitchen Manager
Daryl & Marie Sieplinga 1960s,  1970s & 1980s Camper/Staff Alum, Former Camp Director
Dan Parker & Family 1950s & 1960s Camp/Staff Alum, Current Camper Family
Dan Sutherland 1960s Camper Alum
Dave & Nancy Keith 1950s Camper Alum
Dom Paschal 2000s Camper/Staff Alum
Don Potter 1950s & 1960s Camper Alum
Herb Driver 1950s Camper Alum
Don Town 1960s & 1970s Camper ALum
Gerry Nehra Friend/Supporter of Pendalouan
Heather Lee & Family 1980s & 1990s Camper/Staff Alum
Jon J Mink & Family Camper Alum
Laura Quigley-Hobbs & Family Camper Alum
Lauren Drexler & Family Camper Alum, Current Camper Family
James and Tamela Kelly 1990s Staff Alum
Margaret Fishback 2015 Summer Staff Member
Liz Taylor Camper Alum
Ellie Brown 2015 Outdoor Education Staff Member
Natalie Stouffer 2015 Outdoor Education Staff Member
Jackie Geile 2015 Outdoor Education Staff Member
Mandi Garvey & Family 1990s Camper Alum
Pereira Family Current Camper Family
Megan Rant Camper Alum
Randy Rogoski 1960s Camper Alum
Ray Wheeler Friend/Supporter of Pendalouan
Nancy Wheeler Friend/Supporter of Pendalouan
Rod Hayhurst & Family Friend/Supporter of Pendalouan, Y Board Member
Katie Spoelman 2015 Summer Staff Member
Gretchen Spoelman 2015 Summer Staff Member
Sally & Mike Segers 1980s Camper/Staff Alum
Sarah Bailey & Family 2000s Camper/Staff Alum; Current Camper Family
Stephanie Kroepel & Family Camper Alum
Susan Woods Friend/Supporter of Pendalouan
Tiffany Johnson & Family Current Camper Family
Gordon Veurink Camper Alum
Sam Nedeau Friend/Supporter of Pendalouan, Y Board Member
Robyn Devio 2015 Outdoor Education Staff Member
Roger Scharmer Friend/Supporter of Pendalouan
Kerry Stewart Friend/Supporter of Pendalouan, Y Board Member
Andy & Emily DeLong 1980s & 1990s Camper Alum
Frank & Kristi Garzelloni Current Camper Family
Leland & Enid Holly 1960s Camper Alum
Erin & Steve Drexler Current Camper Family
Randi Guthrie Friend/Supporter of Pendalouan
Cihak Family Friend/Supporter of Pendalouan
Scott Parker & Family Current Camper Family
Pam & John Turner Friend/Supporter of Pendalouan, Current Camper Family
William V. Meier Friend/Supporter of Pendalouan






For highlights of Pendalouan Day 2014,
click here to head to the camp blog recap post. 

For pictures of the event, click here.


If you couldn't make it, we still want to connect with you. Contact Gabrielle Gerlach, Associate Executive Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to share updates, set up a tour, or hear what's new with Pendalouan!