The Pendalou-PON is Back!

Buy One Get One Half off

Here’s how to really take advantage of this great deal:

  1. Get in on the Pendalou-Pon deal by registering your camper online between Feb 24 – Feb 28.
  2. Register and pay full price for session 1 - note: For 2014 we have eliminated all online registration fees. For this offer, we also allow Y member and sibling discounts for session 1!
  3. Type in "pendyBOGO" for the coupon code during registration.
  4. It will take 25 Registrations to activate this Pendalou-PON, so tell your friends!
  5. Choose any other session for $262.50 (not available with financial aid).
  6. If two weeks is too much for your family, you can split this great deal between siblings. For example: Pay full price for one child (see #2 above) and $262.50 for a sibling attending this or any other session. In other words, $525 + 262.5 = $787.50 for both kids (non-member).

Other examples

One camper attending two weeks: $1,050 - $262.50 = $787.50 saving $262.50 (non-member)
Two siblings attending two weeks: $2,100 - $50 - $80 - $525 = $1,445 saving $655 (Y-members)

Here's a link to share a day at Pendalouan with your friends!