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Camp Counselors are amazing.  When you see the job title Camp Counselor on a resume, get excited.  These individuals have talent and an abundance of real world experience.  According to  the American Camp Association, there are 10 reasons businesses should hire Camp Counselors.

A Camp Counselors is:

  1. A good communicator.
  2. A life-long learner.
  3. A self-starter.
  4. A resilient individual.
  5. A problem solver.
  6. A creative thinker.
  7. A detail-oriented worker.
  8. A leader.
  9. A team player.
  10. A solid work ethic.

Pendalouan has the best Camp Counselors.  They are going to make a difference in the world, and when the summer is over – you should consider hiring these great individuals!


Gabrielle Gerlach

Associate Executive Director

YMCA Camp Pendalouan


For more information on this topic visit: https://www.acacamps.org/news-publications/blogs/counselors-corner/10-reasons-why-businesses-should-hire-former-camp-counselors