Summer Program Cancellation

Greetings Camp Pendalouan Families,

Thank you for patiently staying with us on our journey into the unknown over the last several weeks and months. We hope that this message finds you and your family in continued good health and know that the Camp Pendalouan family is thinking of those in our community who are struggling through the wide-ranging challenges that have arisen as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Together, we hoped for promising news about the spread of illness, guidance on how to safely gather in large groups and various other indicators that our lives would regain certainty and routine on our path to a new normal. This new normal, we all hoped, would include Camp Pendalouan for Summer 2020. However, based on the evolving information available to us from health and camp experts, we now know that any programs we run would be vastly different from what we have done in the past and what our campers and parents expected.

Therefore, we have made the heartbreaking decision to extend our cancelation of Sessions 1 and 2 to include the remainder of Summer 2020 Programing, which includes all overnight camp, all day camp, and all family camps.

We ask that you take time to consider a donation to Camp Pendalouan.
Every bit makes a difference, whether it is $5, $50 or more. By supporting us now, you are investing in our community for the future. Camp Pendalouan has more to give in the years to come.

Bruce Spoelman
CEO/Executive Director

Camp Pendalouan Summer 2020 FAQ's

We have made the heartbreaking decision to cancel:

  • Overnight Camp Sessions 1-6
  • Day Camp Sessions 1-8
  • Family Camp
  • Father Son Camp
  • Mom & Kids Camp
  • Adult Camp
  • Women’s Adventure Weekend
  • Halloween Camp
We considered many different possibilities over the last two months: adjusting our activities, having smaller groups, changing how we eat our meals, and so much more, all in the hopes that we could get campers and staff to camp safely. Ultimately, we determined that we could not offer a meaningful program similar to what we all know as Camp Pendalouan, which is so rooted in the community experience and meaningful relationships that come from time spent living, working, and playing together.

Whenever and however you decide to talk to your camper about Camp Pendalouan this summer, we want to thank you for partnering with us as we share this difficult news with those in our community. Please remind your campers that while these decisions were difficult, and not made lightly, they are what is best for the safety and well-being of our campers, staff, and families. These are some additional external resources we have found helpful to read through while thinking of these hard decisions.
-Handling Your Kid’s Disappointment When Everything is Canceled
-How to Talk to Your Kids about Canceled Summer Plans
-Responding to Change & Loss
-How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus Cancellations

We recognize that this global pandemic is financially affecting people in different ways. As such, we have several different options for families that have already paid some or all of their fees including: full refunds, partial refunds, credits for future programming, donations, and any combination of these options. If your family requests a full refund, we remain committed to refunding the full amount of any payment that has been made for Summer 2020. Please be patient as we process refunds in the coming weeks, as we work to process the high volume of changes to all of our camper accounts.
Due to the number of camper families and our desire to streamline the process as much as possible, there will be a Cancellation Form sent via email on June 1 where you can indicate your preference(s). Please do not email us your preference, as it is more difficult to accurately process requests received via email. Please know that due to the large number of camper families and the complexities with the process that refunds, receipts, and credits will take some time. We will process as quickly as we can and appreciate your patience.
We ask that you take time to consider a donation to Camp Pendalouan. Every bit makes a difference, whether it is $5, $50, $500, or the entire amount of your program fees. Our staff team has invested a lot of time and energy in making Summer 2020 happen and that time cannot be undone. Further, we have many expenses at our camp facility whether camp runs or not. We will find a way to stay strong until Summer 2021 no matter what, but your support now will ensure that we can continue investing in our community for the future. Due to the new regulations of the CARES act, your donation may be subject to a 100% “above the line” tax deduction for your 2020 income tax. You will be provided with a donation receipt if you choose this route or make any donation to Camp Pendalouan. (Please consult your tax advisor for more details on this.)

We are very grateful for a community of supporters who care about our mission and there are many ways you can help.

  • Understand and support the Pendalouan team in our decision making during this challenging time.
  • Please consider a donation to Camp Pendalouan through your program fees and/or an additional donation.
  • We always appreciate hearing from you. Please share messages or photos of how you’re living the Camp Pendalouan Spirit this summer!

We’ll continue to communicate ways throughout the summer that you can help Camp Pendalouan.

Camp Pendalouan Summer 2021 FAQ's

We are genuinely hopeful for a full summer 2021 camp season and determined to safely nurture our campers when we welcome them back to Camp Pendalouan.
We hope to announce our program offerings by early fall, though this may be delayed based on global health information available at that time. We don’t yet know what programs will be run but we know that we will have a spot for you.