2022 Summer Camp Dates

Overnight Camp
Session 1: June 19-24
Session 2: June 26-July 1
Session 3: July 3-8
Session 4: July 10-15
Session 5: July 17-22
Session 6: July 24-29

Stayover 1-2: June 24-26
Stayover 3-4: July 8-10
Stayover 5-6: July 22-24

Counselors In Training : June 19-July 1

Bugs N' Bunks (BB1): June 19-21
Bugs N' Bunks (BB2): June 22-24
Bugs N' Bunks (BB3): July 3-5
Bugs N' Bunks (BB4): July 6-8

We are excited to see you on the shores of Big Blue Lake!

Day Camp

Session 1: June 20-24
Session 2: June 27-July 1
Session 3: July 4-8
Session 4: July 11-15
Session 5: July 18-22
Session 6: July 25-29
Session 7: August 1-5
Session 8: August 8-12

Family/Adult Camps
Mom & Kid Weekend: July 8-10
Father & Son Weekend: July 15-17
Family Camp: July 1-3
Women's Adventure Weekend: September 9-11

2021 COVID-19 Protocols

The health and safety of our campers and guests at YMCA Camp Pendalouan is of the utmost importance.  In order to meet the needs of our campers we have adopted the following:

What we know:

  • Signage will be displayed around camp reminding how to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 including proper hand washing, social distancing, and mask wearing.
  • Increased hand washing and hand sanitizing stations around camp.
  • Equipment will be sanitized after each use.  Activity areas will be cleaned daily.
  • Staff working at YMCA Camp Pendalouan will be required to have the COVID-19 vaccine prior to working at YMCA Camp Pendalouan.
  • Campers over the age of 16 will be encouraged to receive the COVID-19 vaccination prior to attending camp.
  • Vaccinated staff and campers will still be required to follow all COVID-19 safety guidelines including mask wearing, social distancing and increased hand hygiene.
  • Camp Pendalouan staff wearing masks and practicing proper hand hygiene will greet camper families and direct them where to park for check-in.  We ask that adults and campers wear their masks during the check in process.
  • After parking campers will undergo a temperature and symptom screen before going through the check-in
  • All campers regardless of vaccination status will be rapid tested at arrival.
  • At check-in please have any additional missing forms or paperwork filled out.
  • Provide any medication in the original container and camper name-the Health Officer will hold onto all medications and specific medical instructions.
  • At the Check-In point campers will meet the camp staff and will be taken down to their cabin by staff wearing masks and practicing proper hand hygiene. Parents will not be allowed past the Check-In point.
  • During staff orientation, staff will be trained on these COVID-19 protocols including-
    • Workplace infection-control practices.
    • The proper use of personal protective equipment.
    • How to report unsafe working conditions.
    • Signs and symptoms of COVID-19.
    • Steps the employee must take to notify the camp of any symptoms of COVID-19 or a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.
  • We encourage all non vaccinated participants to self isolate the recommended 10 days prior to coming to camp.
  • Self screening for COVID-19 symptoms including fever of at least 100.4°F, dry cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, fatigue, headache, muscle aches, nausea, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, vomiting, etc.
  • Campers who exhibits fever of 100.4° F or a combination of any COVID-19 symptoms will be asked to stay home.
  • Campers will be given a temperature screen every morning before breakfast. Campers with temperature above 100.4 will be taken to isolation at the health center until their guardians are contacted and they can be picked up.
  • Campers will also be screened daily for symptoms, any unexplained combination of symptoms will also be taken to isolation at the health center until their guardians are contacted and they can be picked up.
  • Cabin groups that have a camper that is being isolated have increased observation and will continue to follow their schedule with increased social distancing with other cabins.
  • Campers exhibiting a fever and/or a combination of COVID-19 symptoms will be isolated on the Left side of the Health Office until their guardians are contacted and they can be picked up.
  • Isolation room will be cleaned and sanitized after use.
  • Relevant information of COVID-19 positive and suspected cases will be communicated to staff and campers families
  • Meals will be served family style with an emphasis on outdoor eating.  Cabin Leaders will retrieve the meals from the lodge and distribute to their own cabin.  Hand washing and hand sanitizing stations will be placed around the lodge and campers will do both before eating.
  • Once at their tables campers will not be required to wear their masks but will be required to wear masks when up and moving around during meal time.
  • If outdoor eating is not able to be done due to inclement weather, cabins will be assigned smaller indoor/covered spaces to eat, meals will be delivered to their locations.
  • Campers will travel as a cabin group to activities throughout the day.  Their cabins will mix in a cohort of no more than 5 cabins for waterfront activities. Campers may only be swim buddies with other campers from their own cabin.
  • Equipment will be cleaned in between each cabin use.  When single use items can be used they will be.  Staff will be trained on how to use and appropriately clean specific equipment (i.e. paddles, harnesses, PFDs), dependent on the activity.
  • Activity areas will be cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • Campers participating in speciality camps outside of their cabin (Ropers and Wranglers, Aquatics Camp) will wear masks during their activities and maintain social distancing.
  • Evening Programs and All Camp Games will proceed with NPIs (non pharmaceutical interventions) in place.
  • Physical distancing will be monitored during waterfront activities when face masks cannot be worn.
  • Campers with bathrooms in their cabins will be encouraged to use their cabin bathrooms whenever possible.
  • Common use bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals.
  • Shower and bathroom schedules will be devised for common bathrooms to limit more than one cabin using a bathroom at a time
  • Campers will be required to wear their masks throughout the day when interacting with other cabin groups. There will be mask breaks when sleeping, eating, boating and swimming or when able to maintain social distancing outside.
  • For overnight camp, campers will not be required to wear a mask when alone in their cabin groups.
  • Staff will follow the same protocol for mask wearing.

We are not surprised to hear it – there is a lot to process right now! The best way to share your questions and thoughts with us is to email ycamp@pendalouan.org.  Please be patient as we respond to many questions.