Summer Program 2021 Update

Greetings Pendalouan Families,

Thank you for staying with us! We are very excited to be announcing our 2021 Summer Camp programs. Registration begins February 12. This year we will run the following programs:

Overnight Camp
Session 1: June 20-25
Session 2: June 27-July 2
Session 3: July 4-9
Session 4: July 11-16
Session 5: July 18-23
Session 6: July 25-30

Leaders In Training (LIT): June 20-July 2
Counselors In Training (CIT-option 1): July 4-16
Counselors In Training (CIT-option 2): July 18-30

Bugs 'N Bunks (BB1): June 20-22
Bugs 'N Bunks (BB2): June 23-25
Bugs 'N Bunks (BB3): July 4-6
Bugs 'N Bunks (BB4): July 7-9

Day Camp
Session 1: June 21-25
Session 2: June 28-July 2
Session 3: July 5-9
Session 4: July 12-16
Session 5: July 19-23
Session 6: July 26-30
Session 7: August 2-6
Session 8: August 9-13

Family Camp
Mom & Kids: July 9-11
Father & Son: July 16-18
Family Camp: Sept. 3-6
Women's Adventure Weekend: Sept. 10-12

Summer will look different in 2021 and we are committed to making magic for campers this season.

We are excited to see you on the shores of Big Blue Lake!

COVID-19 Update

We are hopeful that many aspects of the COVID pandemic will be improved by Summer 2021. Therefore, we will continue to plan conservatively to be prepared for any situation that may arise. Below are a few of the things we know, we expect and we are still trying to figure out.

  • Campers will need camp more than ever after a year or more of limited outdoor and social experiences with peers.
  • Camp Pendalouan's goals of safety, community, personal growth and FUN will still be at the forefront of our planning, achieved through the evolving lens of COVID.
  • COVID will impact many of our programs, policies, and operations.
  • Pre-camp health screening will be in place to minimize the risk of COVID coming into the Camp Pendalouan community. This screening is likely to include a combination of quarantine and testing based on CDC, State of Michigan, and ACA recommendations.
  • Programs will be adjusted to limit exposure to individuals outside of the Camp Pendalouan community.
  • Masks will be required.
  • We will utilize non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) in a variety of ways, including remaining physically distanced, staying outdoors, and wearing masks.
  • We do not expect to require vaccines for our campers. This is based on current guidance from the ACA, which is working with the CDC and public health experts. They have shared that they don’t expect camper age participants to have access to vaccines by next summer due to their low-risk and therefore low priority for vaccine distribution. Our hope is that staff would be vaccinated. 
  • Individual group sizes, and the overall camp population will be reduced to increase physical distancing between campers and staff.
  • Many activities will be done as individual groups (8-12 people, such as traditional camp cabins and teen groups). These groups will have opportunities to do activities with other groups as a part of a unit and all-camp activities. The extent to which these groups interact will be dependent on CDC, State of Michigan and ACA recommendations.
  • Transportation to and from Camp Pendalouan will be provided by van, with pre-departure health screening and strategic seat assignments.
  • Camp Pendalouan is implementing increased hygiene and cleaning protocols.
  • Eating times will have an emphasis on outdoor dining.
  • We will develop many unexpected new traditions and program opportunities based on our new reality!

Below are a few, though certainly not all, of the questions we know we will have to answer before next summer. The Camp Pendalouan team will share answers to all of these questions in the months leading up to Summer 2021.


Health & Safety:

  • What will daily health checks at camp entail?
  • What will happen if someone has COVID symptoms while at camp?
  • What if someone tests positive at camp?


Transportation, Food Service & Facilities:

  • How will we most effectively feed camp based on our traditional family-style procedures?
  • In the event that we cannot have a choice or salad bar at meals, how will we ensure campers have a range of options that meet the needs of varying dietary preferences, restrictions, and allergies?

We are not surprised to hear it – there is a lot to process right now! The best way to share your questions and thoughts with us is to email  Please be patient as we respond to many questions.