Filezilla Instructions

  1. Download the Filezilla client…
  2. Install the Filezilla client…
  3. Open the Filezilla client and go to <file><site manager> note: shortcut <Ctrl S>. Click on the New site button and give it a name – then fill out the options as shown in the picture below:

Username: ftpdata(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

4. Connect to the server using your password
5. Make sure you are uploading to the correct folder on the server side

How to upload and add photos

This is a three stage process:

  1. Upload photos to the server
  2. Create and edit a page for photos to appear
  3. Edit the main photos page

Upload photos

The photos are located on the server – folder/directories are created under the data>photos> folder…naming convention is similar to “2018session4”. The folder can be created in Filezilla, from the photos folder right click and choose “create new directory”.

Create and edit page for photos to appear

Go to pages>add new…naming convention is similar to “Photos – 2018session4″. Using the text tab add a small piece of code, similar to foldergallery folder=”./data/photos/2018session4″ title=”2018session4″…you will need to add square brackets around this code (see example on existing page)…change the folder and title to suit the photo folder you are displaying. Under page options at the bottom check the “hide page header” checkbox and publish.

Edit the main photos page

Go to pages “photos”. You will need to add a new image widget and upload a index image for it into the media library. This image has to be 400×225 pixels big. The easiest way to add the widget is to hover over an existing one and use the “duplicate” button – then drag and drop to the correct location – you will then need to edit this widget to add the image and link (link to the page just created above-scroll down to destination URL and “choose content” then pick the page). Publish and check appearance and link.